Update from Cara (Thrilling Paris)

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Dad and me :)
I have been living with my new parents in Palmerston North for two and a half months now, and we are all having a ball! My favourite activities are snoozing, walks, runs with other greyhounds on GAP afternoons, and hooning. Mum and Dad think I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I have a small selection of toys that I love to play with each day, and I have just started to 'collect' (no, it's not stealing!!) things like keys or pens that people have left sitting around. This is encouraging tidyness in my parents. I have also discovered that interesting things like keys live in handbags! :)
I love being wherever Mum and Dad are when they are at home - Mum really likes having me around for company during the days, when she is often at home. I also have some grown up human 'sisters' who wish I could come live at their place, so I get lots of cuddles and attention when they come over.

Mum and me :)
Dad is very careful to turn on the heater first thing on these cold winter mornings so that my lounge is nice and warm by the time my pyjamas get taken off, and Mum bought me a heating pad for my bed in the garage, which I use when they go out in the day. So you can see that they are really keen to keep me warm and cosy.

At GAP run in Ashhurst :)
With my toys :)
My parents feel very proud as I have learned lots of things since coming to live with them. People notice how beautiful I am when I go walking, and how well behaved I am. I am still learning to restrain my excitement when I first see other dogs, as I love to be friends. It only took me a couple of weeks to get used to all those lovely ducks and canoeists (very large ducks!) at the local lagoon. I know how to stay out of the kitchen, how to wait for my food, and how to wait whenever I'm asked to on the lead. Coming back when I'm off the lead is something we are still working on.
Another thing I enjoy is going places in the car. I slipped up a couple of times, so Mum and Dad know I'm capable of getting up on the back seat by myself, but I've temporarily convinced them that they need to actually lift me in, by looking helpless and gooey eyed at them when they ask me to hop in. After all, it's a good exercise to strengthen their arm muscles!
So I can thoroughly recommend this business of adopting new parents for a great greyhound lifestyle!