Update from Daisy (Simply Blessed) and Shadow (Barkhamsted)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Daisy and Shadow :)
Elmarie & Gary from Auckland adopted Daisy (Simply Blessed) and Shadow (Barkhamsted)  two weeks ago. They just reported that their gorgeous pair of doggies  are very much at home. :)
Daisy and Shadow were awesome racing dogs - Daisy was trained by Pam and Denis Schofield (Louie's trainers!) and Shadow was trained by Brendan Cole.
They have now found a lovely retirement home together :) Their Mum sent us this update:
We just love both of our greyhounds to pieces! I take them for walks each morning at 5:15am - at first I thought it will be hard for them to get at that early but they were ready to go and excited about their morning walks.
We have been taking them to different parks around our neighbourhood and everytime it is a new adventure for them. They sniff a lot. :)
I also have them now in a good routine, after our morning walk I feed them at 6am and by now they know when they are getting their food. Both of them are eating very well, their bowls are clean everytime. While we are at work I leave them outside however we did install a dog door in our sleepout. At first Shadow could only go one way, from the inside to the outside, but after a while he now can keep Daisy company. She hasn't figured it out yet or maybe she is too comfortable on her bed in the sleepout!

They are always happy to see us, the first week back at work I rushed home after about 5 hours to check on them, and they were fine. The have alot of toys to keep them busy, and the one day they got up to a bit of mischief! They digged all the ground out of our vegetable box! I am sure they had a great time!! :)

After their dinner at 6pm they are ready for a good sleep. They like lying in front of the fire without their coats on. Just before bedtime they know it is time for a toilet break! They like their fleece coats a lot, nice and snuggly.
Shadow is the one that is very curious and want to sniff everything and look at everything.  Shadow tried his luck on the couch a few times, but we don't like that. He still test us from time to time. :)
Daisy is very content and like sleeping more than anything. She is such a sweet dog and walks beautifully on the lead!
They are a precious pair !