Update from foster care: Luke (Swannoa Snipper)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Luke (Swannoa Snipper) is currently in foster care with Claire and her greyhound Ben. We just got an update on the handsome boy, and some cute pictures:

Luke is a very lovable young boy, with the softest coat of any greyhound I have ever stroked! He still has some puppy enthusiasm and his tail goes crazy whenever you walk into the room.
Although he is big hound , he is very gentle and friendly to everyone. He loves taking the children to school in the morning and walking to pick them up in the afternoon. Best of all Luke loves spending the day with Ben (my hound)and has started to sleep right next to Ben, even in the smallest of places. :) He would be the perfect companion to a family who already have a dog.

Luke also loves watching the children when they play on the computer :)

He was not keen on the snow to start with, but he ended up having a great time running about in it! Check out  the photos!