Meet Madam Cutie (Call Me Cute)

Friday, August 26, 2011
Yes, of course I am cute!!
Gorgeous Cutie (Call Me Cute) has been with us for a couple of weeks now -she is a 8yr old , very precious lady :)
Cutie had a great racing career, but was retired four years ago. Since then, she has been her trainers' house pet. She is a true Madam,  is used to finer things in life, LOVES her couch, fluffy dog beds, and snuggly coats. She also LOVES her food and treats!
Cutie is just so special -she is beautifully behaved in the house, very clean doggie, sleeps through the night and LOVES cuddles :) She wags her tail at amazing speed and has a lovely toothy smile :)

Cutie is in great health, and in amazing condition. Her trainers took great care of her. In fact, when we took her to the GAP vet to be desexed, the vet called GAP Kennel Managers to doublecheck her age! :)
She is lovely on the lead and is just SO gorgeous :) She loves her bed and sleeps for hours -but when it is walkies time, it is all go! :)

Today, Cutie went to help her foster-Nana Yvonne at a Feilding market (Yvonne sells her beautiful orchid plants there). Today - all the orchids were sold in record time! :)

Cutie and Yvonne selling orchids at Feilding Market today :)

Update 11th September 2011:

We tok all the dogs today to have a run at Kyrewood Equestrian Center. Cutie LOVED Benjamin The Corgi and kept following him all the way :) I took some pictures:

Lucy, Benjamin The Corgi and Cutie
Cutie running :)
Cutie and Benjamin
Cutie loved the water jump :)
Cutie and Jimmy (Postman Jim)
Limmy, Cutie, Ben and Lucy
Cutie and Ben