Update from Bree (Homebush Bree)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Comfy :)

I’ve been in my forever home in Hamilton for three weeks. I’m all settled in and my humans are besotted with me so what more could a girl want? :) 
I love my beds - I have three: one for watching TV, an outside one so for eating bones and lamb flaps on (and so I can keep an eye on my humans when they are outside) and then of course the one I sleep on at night. This one is really good because it is big and soft and has room for all my toys next to it. 
Now that I’ve got used to it, the food is good and I get lots of healthy treats.
I’m glad I choose humans who like walking – I take them out most days and we go for long walks along the river. Who knew that the Tron has miles and miles of walk ways along the river and in the parks? Sometimes I even wait patiently while they have a beer at the pub. We also go out in the car, I love the car and sometimes nap in it even though it is parked in the driveway!

I’ve learnt heaps:

  1. I’m not allowed into the bedrooms, even though the beds are hound sized and very comfy
  2. Breakfast is early so I get up to eat it at 7:00 and then I go back to bed for a nap.
  3. There are lots of interesting places in the garden, I really want to explore under the house, but the door has been shut so I’ll have to wait till the humans remember to open it for me!
  4. My friend Matt (he is a Wiemaraner) lives next door. I don’t think my humans like him though. I tried to make it easy to visit by digging under the fence and they have blocked it off with bricks!
  5. The vacuum cleaner is just as scary as the one at my foster house! But the lawn mower is not at all scary and I like to follow my human when she is mowing the lawn. :)
  6. Bones, lamb flaps and chicken necks are not toys -  they have to stay outside and not come to bed with me.
  7. Humans can learn quickly – I’ve been taking my human to obedience school for a couple of weeks and she has learnt heaps. I’m very impressed with her improvement in walking, she now walks with a mission and does an easy walk very nicely!
Oh and I attended Hamilton GAP walk held last Sunday in Day's Park and I made new hound friends! A few pictures of the walk are below.
Oh dear I've got lots more to tell you, but I need a nap now. Love, Bree xxx

Aren't I gorgeous?
I am second from the left :)