Update from foster care : Holly (Thrilling Holly)

Monday, February 20, 2012
Michaela and Cameron with Holly
Gorgeous Holly (Thrilling Holly) is currently in foster care in Lower Hutt, with Stephanie and her family, who just sent us an update:
Holly is an absolute delight and has settled into family life really well.  She enjoys the kids - both their pats and cuddles or just lying in the middle of the lawn whilst they play around her and she watches.  :)
She is adjusting to some of the more unusual noises of urban life, including commuter trains.  She has an very fun playful side to her, particularly with other dogs (big and small) and is always keen to have a bit of puppy-like play.  We heard her bark for the first time the other morning when we put her out at about 6am and it was a little chilly – she let us know with a single bark at the door !  She only talks when she truly has something to say. :)
 She is happy to chill out on her own, but loves it when people are about too...
Cameron getting Holly’s lead on ready for a walk