Some cute pictures from Klink (Scott No Wives)

Monday, February 13, 2012
Klink and his sausage dog friend :)
We just got some cute pictures from Klink (Scott No Wives), who lives in Wanganui.
Klink was an awesome racer but his career ended about a year ago, when he broke his hock while racing on Wanganui track (he still won that race though!). His trainers had the fracture fixed and Klink's leg healed beautifully.

And, Klink never made it to GAP - he has retired at his trainer's house. :)  His trainers Angela and Hayden retire their dogs via GAP, but they could not let Klink go :) It is not hard to see why -he looks like a lovely lovely boy :)
Klink and his trainers' little boy :)

Klink at a podium, after one of his many wins