Update from Linford (Aleiron)

Monday, February 6, 2012
Chez, Steve and Lauren Taylor from Taupo have recently joined our ever expanding club of  'failed foster carers' :) 
In July last year, gorgeous red greyhound Rusty (Classy Fort) joined their family and made himself at home :) 
A few months ago, Taylors decided that they wanted to help GAP by fostering our gorgeous hounds. They have done a great job with fostering a few who have gone off to their forever homes - but this week have just adopted their current foster boy Linford (Aleiron), beautiful blue boy :)
Chez just sent us a few pictures of Linford, and of course Rusty:
Look  how dainty I am! Even though I'm a boy must have learnt to cross my legs in a Swiss
finishing school for young ladies in a previous life!!!
Linford (or Skinny Linny, as we call him!)  has such a wonderful nature and just loves everyone and everything - such a gentle boy. 
 He is happy with us though very chilled (after his stressy start for the first couple of days) . He is very much Lauren's shadow - he loves her and she walks him - he never pulls and trips like a fairy alongside her - they are a joy to see. Rusty and Linford get on so well, as you can see on the picture below: 
Linny with Rusty in a stranglehold - so wonderful together :)
Cockroaching or stretching ...Not sure - but I have the legs of a dancer don't I?
Rusty: I know I'm a big boy now but I do love my Snoopy...:)