Congratulations to Amber (Avec Lamour) and Ashley!

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Ashley and Amber after their win on Friday (click on the picture to see full size;
I cracked up when I saw  Amber's pink diamante collar ! :)
Last Friday Amber (Avec Lamour) and Ashley had their first win at Addington Racecourse -congratulations girls!! :)
Ashley bred, raised and trained Amber and her four siblings, who are now just starting their racing careers. Their Mum is Berlin (Twirly Berly), Ashley's own retired greyhound (and well-known glamour girl :)

I wrote about Ashley's puppies before, in the post here .

Gorgeous Amber :)
I just got some pictures from the Friday race itself, and the podium:

Amber winning and looking  so happy and so awesome!
Podium :)
As I was drafting this post, I thought it was a great time to steal some of Amber's pictures off Ashley's Facebook page, including the ones of her as a puppy. Here they are:

Puppy Amber :)

Amber at 9 months old
With her sister Sophie :)
Running with her littermates
With Ashley