Update from foster care : Richie (Thrilling Tear)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Precious Richie is in foster care with Jacquie and her family, including their two greyhounds Jolie and Kourtney.
We just got an update from Jacquie:
Richie is the most laid back, sweet foster dog we’ve had so far! He’s very independent, and copes very well with being alone – he just sleeps on his bed until there’s someone around again. I don’t think there’s an anxious bone in his big body. He gets excited about going for a ride in the car, races up to greet visitors, and prances like a puppy when the dog food comes out! Our cats just saunter past him, so no worries there. In short, he’s undemanding and delightful.

 Richie has been waiting for his new home since before Christmas ... :( He was a pet before -he lived in Auckland , after being homed by GAP as a young dog, in 2008. But, his family decided to move overseas -and they decided not to take Richie along (personally, this appalls me - for me, there is no excuse for abandoning your family members when moving house/city/region/country; but the reality is that humans do it all the time ).
At least, GAP was able to get Richie back and hopefully make sure he has another home to go to).
However, another home is not easy to find for Richie...:( Us humans seem to be, as I often say, the most heartless species on the planet. :( We tend to look at the 8year old dog and decide, no, we want to go for a younger one. This is so sad.... and also so unrealistic, because we are all going that way, we will all get old.
My Louie is coming up to 9 years old and he is the most amazing, the most precious dog that I have even seen. If , by any chance, he happened to be up for adoption now, at 9yrs old, I would have been privileged to adopt him.
So here is hoping that gorgeous Richie will find his perfect forever home soon! In the meantime, thank you SO MUCH Jacquie and family for taking such great care of him.


Nan Russell said...

He is a beautiful hound and age doesn't matter. We adopted Angel last year, about a month before she turned 12, and is now a couple of weeks away from 13 and we wouldn't trade her for the world. Taking a dog bases solely on age means you take the chance of missing out - Angel is the best and I don't see an old dog when I look at her, I just see unconditional love back to us.