Thursday, April 5, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our little Lucy The Ferret, who turns 4 today!
She got a new fancy martingale collar from Rachel, a matching pink hat from me, and a photoshoot from Sonja !
Isn't she gorgeous?

And her brother Cobby could not resist trying the hat on: :)


gyeong said...

Happy Bday! She looks very prim and proper with her new pink collar and bonnet.

Declan said...

Hey Fatima! It's Deccy here - I'm a friend of Sue, Beryl & Frankie. I've heard you're a friend of theirs. I know they've been moving house so are probably really busy but they seem to have dropped off the radar a bit! Probably down to sorting the Broadband, but I wanted to check they are okay. Especially Beryl. I'm in love with Beryl, you see.... All the best Deccy x