Update from Leeny (Leeny Title)

Monday, April 2, 2012
Leeny and 'her' black cat Punga :)
Kim and Carl from Otago adopted gorgeous Leeny (Leeny Title) recently and just sent us an update:
Lovely snuggly Leeny. :) She is indeed a dark horse! When we first brought her home she was shy and meek and wanted nothing more than to be cuddled and to luxuriate in her new bed. But as the days go on a far more complex personality is being revealed! 
Leeny with her greyhound-X brother Nathan :)
 She has quietly become the boss of her Lockley brother, Nathan, and has him wrapped around her little claw. He has a healthy respect for her maturity - which she reinforces from time to time with little challenging woofs and the odd nip on the legs, but she wins him over again by licking the insides of his ear - a treat he would happily die for! They act like old soulmates, spooning together in the sun, playing tag in the back yard or seeing to the very serious business of guard-dogging from the safety of the lounge window... :) The only member of the family she is having trouble bending to her will is Punga the streetwise black cat, who either pretends she doesn't exist, stands up on his back legs to smooch her face (the horror!) or grabs her round the bum, african-lion-style!!! Deep down, she would like to tear the smug little bugger limb from limb, but her impecable manners would not allow it! :) 
She is a true elegant lady, but has a bubbling undercurrent of mischief and chaos. And, she is a real thinker - as my Mum said; that dog is as shrewd as a desert rat! Several times a day I have to supress a giggle just looking at her, as she surveys the scene from her throne. 
 She can be relied on 100% to help me put the baby to bed, flopping down on the rugs while we say our goodnights. Leeny is incredibly tolerant and gentle with the little girl, the only problem being that she has a penchant for two fluffy toy wombats which can usually be found soggily stashed in her bed! 
Leeny has a big presence which all our visitors remark on. But when all is said and done she can be counted on for being the most affectionate, velvety, hug-loving dog I have met so far. She has fitted in to our family as if she had always been here and we love her to bits!!!