Update from Holly (Thrilling Holly)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just over a month ago, gorgeous Holly (Thrilling Holly) went to live with Carmen, Dean and their two kids in Wellington. We just got an update from them:

Holly has been with us for more than a month now and has settled down really well into family life. She's very gentle with our two children and all their little friends who come to visit. We had a birthday party for our toddler and she greeted everyone in such a friendly manner before lying down to have a rest at a guest's feet. :)
All our friends have remarked on what a calm and friendly dog Holly is. Holly absolutely loves her walks and gets the most excited when she senses that we are going out. She's a lovely walker (most of the time!) although she does have a stubborn streak (e.g. when she doesn't want to budge, she just stays absolutely still!).
Holly loves her very comfy bed especially with a pillow for her head. She sleeps very well all night in our living room and in the morning is usually full of beans again. Holly is a bit of a finicky eater but loves boiled chicken mince and pasta.:)