Update from Milo (Kapital)

Thursday, April 19, 2012
Beautiful Milo (you can click on pictures to see full size)
Gorgeous Milo (Kapital) was adopted by Ingrid, Jonathan and their cute little baby (sorry, I dont know the baby'a name!) at the end of March this year -she now lives with them in Petone. :)
Ingrid just sent us an update:
First off, as soon as I saw the name 'Milo' on GAP website I just had to have a look, since it was on my baby names list (one of which my husband didn't like, so it would never have passed). Then we saw her, and thought she would suit us perfectly! Since I am 'training' a 10 month old human, I thought I might as well train a dog while I'm at it - which is a lot easier I must admit. :)
Milo and 'her' baby :) SO cute!
We've had Milo for nearly three weeks now, and after initial few days of settling in period, she is really starting to show her real colors now!  She has a great personality - after a time of napping she often gets up for a stretch, starts wagging her tail and then gets all silly and jumpy and teeth-chattery. SO cute!!
We take her for walks down to the beach which is only two blocks away, at least twice a day, and she loves meeting other dogs. We still have her on a lead since when she's excited she becomes deaf to us ;) She has been learning to 'wait' before crossing roads, which she's picked up really well, and is walking mostly great on the lead too - sometimes the cats are just too enticing!!
We have taken her with us to Hawkes Bay to have a run on my parents property - what an amazing sight when she is at full steam!! Totally incredible! She travelled super well, just like the books say, and really enjoyed sniffing out rabbits and pukekos. :)))
We're looking forward to teaching her new things, and giving her a nice relaxing life.
Thanks again for a wonderful dog!