Meet Sexy Rexy - a true cuddle monster !

Monday, April 23, 2012
I am irresistable I suppose...:)
Cuddly Rex (Dark Fancy) has been in foster  care with us for a week or so and he is the most affectionate doggie you can imagine! :)
He is a big black doggie who wags his tail non-stop, in fact, he wags his whole body :) He is just precious :)
Rexy loves meeting and greeting other dogs and makes friends with everybody :) He asks EVERYBODY for cuddles by rubbing his head on them - wherever he can reach!
He loves his food and treats -but will happily leave all that and come for cuddles :)
Smiling Rexy
Rex was a very successful racer - he was trained by Pam and Denis Schofield , and then by Glen Hunt.
While at the Schofield kennels, his kennel mates were Harry (Jag's Flyer , also up for adoption at the moment) and Albion (Pressure Point, who was adopted recently and now lives in Lower Hutt ).
In July 2010, these three doggies won a trifecta ( ie. first three places) atWaikato Greyhounds meet at Cambridge , here is the link and photofinish of that race:

We took Rex , Louie, Lucy and our friend's dogs to Tangimoana Beach on Saturday -they had such fun! Rex LOVED the water and was frolicking in the waves :) Rexy is healthy and very fit - he just loved it! :)))

Rex and his new friend Indy The Spaniel
(you can click on the pictures to see full size)
Rex loves water and waves :)
Rex and Lucy racing!