Meet our cute foster greyhounds: Copper (He's A Stunner) and Dorrit (Bodhran Cailin)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Copper and Dorrit LOVE each other :)
We are currently fostering the cutest greyhound pair: Copper and Dorrit :)
They settled right in and made great friends -they LOVE each other :) They sleep together,  hang out together in the house and outside and play together (well, it is mostly Dorrit who plays and Copper watches her adoringly or runs afetr her :)) .

The moment they saw each other -it was true love. Copper is 5 yrs old, and Dorrit is only 2.
They both will need to be placed in homes with another dog(s) as they love and need canine company - oh how I wish they could be homed together!!! If anyone out there is looking to adopt two greyhounds , these two would be ideal!
Sharing a doggie couch :)
Copper has a beautiful temperament, he is calm, adorable and soft doggie, who is beautifully behaved. He spent some time in his trainer's house aswell - so pet life is not new for him. He loves his food, his bed, walkies, and of course, his little Dorrit :)
Dorrit is adorable, happy, waggy little girl. She LOVES her toys and playing with them! She loves chasing balls and even fetches them back sometimes :) Dorrit is a collector of toys, shoes, cushions, gardening gloves and what not -she gets all this and takes it to her bed :) She never destroys anything- she simply stores everything in her bed, it is hilarious! She tried to get Copper to help her, but he just follows her adoringly while she is taking yet another shoe to her bed :)
Dorrit The Dingo! (you can click on pictures to see full size)
Copper in his usual position :)
Chilling out with my Louie
Beautiful doggie

Yesterday we took everybody off to Scott's Ferry beach, where they had a mighty run and played in the waves :)
Dorrit chasing Copper (you can click on the pictures to see full size)
With our Cobby (Cawbourne Snowy)
In the water with Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her Mum :)
Dorrit loves water
Dorrit and Cobby

I took over a hundred photos of the beach run but I can't put them all here...If you would like to see all of them, they are available on this public link:


Everett Eijeriks said...

Hi I read with great interest the descriptions of these nice sdogs. Some questions though;
Why the muzzles when they run or at times when they play? Is this necessary?

Fatima said...

Hello - yes, they wear muzzles when playing but please dont thing they are agressive , as it could not be further from the truth :)
If a Greyhound is aggressive then it won’t make the race track. The Greyhound’s job is to
chase the lure, not fight with it’s fellow competitors. But Greyhounds are no different from
any other dog in that when they are playing and tearing around they get excited and can mouth
and nip each other. Where Greyhounds do differ from other dogs is that their skin is extremely thin and
easily ripped under these circumstances, not to mention that they move at way higher speeds than dogs
of other breeds. So basically they wear muzzles as a precaution. There is a great article on muzzling greyhounds on my friend's blog, please have a look: