Update from Evie (Catch a Pennie)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
We just got an update from Denis and Jenny who have recently adopted cute Evie (Catch A Pennie):
Evie (Eve/Catch a Pennie) came to live with us (in New Plymouth)  on Friday the 9th March and what a crazy but fun month it has been. Evie quickly adopted her couch but also decided she was going to sleep with us in the bedroom. Each night she sleeps on a duvet filled with old pillows on the floor at the end of the bed. She has a habit of rapidly wagging her tail when you talk to her but nothing else moves. In the middle of night it is quite usual to hear her tail tapping a beat against our wardrobe doors. First thing in the morning when the alarm goes off its "Evie come here" and she leaps onto the bed between us and snuggles in, head on the pillows and a quick lick to the face.
Evie stays inside at home when we both go off to work but she does think everday is "take a doggie to work" day. As soon as she sense's you are getting ready to leave, she will grab a toy and be at the door, tail wagging ready to jump into the car. One of her favourite toys is Santa who regularly gets a thrashing but is never injured. I suspect santa didn't bring a good present last Christmas. She also collects blocks of wood, hair brushes, toilet brushes (yuk), toilet rolls, aluminium cans and my smelly socks. Might explain the bad doggy breath !!
Evie attended her first GAP promotion event at the Farmers Market in New Plymouth a couple of weeks ago. She was a little quiet to start with but slowly warmed to the task and was more than happy for people to come up, say hello and give her a love. Evie has now been to greyhound walk with 10 other hounds and was a GAPs ambassar at a Easter weekend Countdown fundraiser/promotion.
At home she has taken to digging holes (grrrr) in the lawn and burying her toys which are constantly in the wash. :) She loves going for walks and has settled in well, although she can't get over the man and hound that live in the glass ceiling ( reflection) of our entrance way at night!!!