Thomas (Smart Thomas) and family :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

(Above: Thomas and Casper)

Thomas (Smart Thomas) was adopted by Ingrid , Menno and their little son Casper.
Ingrid also sent me these gorgeous pictures -thanks Ingrid!

She says: Thomas has been with us from 20th of December 2009 and he is a part of the family now. Thomas is great with kids and he loves cuddles.

Our little one Casper ( 10months now) adores him :-)
My neighbour is fond of him too, she walks him every morning. It is good for her health and good for me as I can give the best to our little boy in the morning. (picture below)

And he is great with cats until they are running (even then he is too lazy to chase them). Our oldest cat is the boss. Sometimes she will sit in an open door (or sliding door) so Thomas is unable to pass her even if I ask him to come. :-)

On the picture below Thomas gets a cuddle from Kev the Kiwi ! (this was during a buggy walk). After the kids got cuddles Thomas looked at Kev the Kiwi asking for a cuddle too!