Update and gorgeous pictures from Rosie (Rialto Rosie)

Saturday, February 27, 2010
I just got an update and loads of gorgeous photos from Sarah from Auckland (thanks a million Sarah!), who has recently adopted Rosie (Rialto Rosie).
Pictures are so cute, especially the ones of Rosie with her cousins COla The French bulldog and Maggie the West Highland Terrier.
Sarah says:
Rosie is wonderful, she has settled in so well and she loves living on 27 acres and comes to work with me (I work as a Veterinary Physiotherapist), she loves meeting lots of new people each day, and exploring as many new places as she can. And if I don’t open the door of her crate (in the car) quick enough she’ll jump in any part of the car that is open – regardless of whether she can fit or not! She’s been known to jam herself under the steering wheel, and into a small gap between the door and her crate to make sure she isn’t left behind (which has never happened – she gets to come with me everywhere!). Rosie absolutely loves running on the beach and in the water, so we’ve been going to the beach frequently all summer, she also comes with me when I ride my horse around the farm (most of the time unless she’s feeling lazy partway through the ride and she takes herself back up to the house to have a sleep!)

I took her with me to watch the Polo Open in Clevedon, so many people came up to ask about her, and one man came and asked her racing name, when I told him she was Rialto Rosie he came back with a steak for her a few minutes later!