Tangimoana Beach walk - January 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Last week we went for a walk to our latest favourite beach - Tangimoana.
The team:
Fish (Thrilling Fish) and his new Mum Judy

Babe (Sexy Babe), Chase, and their family Sonja, Irene , Ellie, Rosie and Tori

Indy (Spaniel) and Ozzie (Blue Heeler cross) with Aleisha and Jordan (also known as 'foster greyhounds handler' - check out his picture below)

And of course , Rachel and me, with Louie (Charlston State), Lucy and our foster greyhounds Oscar (Unplugged) and Skye (Baby Blue Skye) :-)

Important note: ALL the pictures were stolen from Sonja's Facebook page -thanks Sonja! You can click on the pictures for bigger size -they are truly gorgeous!

Below: the team :-) Check out Indy the spaniel in front :)

Our foster greyhound Skye (Baby Blue Skye), Kim (Thrilling Kim), Lucy and Babe (Sexy Babe)
Sexy Babe
Below: Lucy, Babe and Fish in between :-)

Below: Oscar, Fish and Lucy

Irene with the pack :)

Stunning girl, NZ Champion "Thrilling Kim"

Oskie Fosks :-)

Below: Lucy -she looks better every day, and LOVES running :)

Lucy running (on one leg!). Isn't it just the most amazing shot?

My beautiful Louie :-)
Go boys!

Louie,looking elegant, and, in the background, his new sister Lucy. There are no words to describe this picture....Just laugh out loud! :)

Below: Oscar and Jordan

Chase The Dingo! :-)
Three puppies : Lucy, Ellie, and Chase


Kim and Louie deep in conversation :-)