Videos of Lucy playing with her friend Frankie in Timona park :-)

Friday, February 26, 2010
Our friend Sue (Frankie's Mum) took videos of Lucy, playing with Frankie - a cute kelpie cross :-) Frankie is similar age as Lucy and it was love at first play! And they play hard and fast :-)
They play very roughly, but love each other! In the background, you can also see Louie and our foster greyhound Thrilling Alex.
Check out the videos! (thanks a million for taking them Sue!) . Make sure you have the volume up as Sue has got fantastic background music!

and more of them playing :-)

And the one below features our foster greyhound Alex (Thrilling Alex) .Although Alex is our new foster greyhound (he has been with us for only 2 days) we offleashed him in the fully-fenced Feilding velodrome today - if you need fully fenced exercise areas, do check your local velodrome! They are typically fully fenced and BIG. Alex is a handsome big blue greyhound with a green muzzle. He did not want to go anywhere -he followed Rachel around the velodrome :-) He is just a lovely boy: