Our foster greyhound Skye (Baby Blue Skye)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skye has been with us for just over a week - and i have finally taken some pictures of her.
Skye is only 2 years old, very puppy-like, and like all puppies, very playfull and exuberant :) Life is all fun for Skye :-) She absolutely adores her soft toys too.

She LOVES the beach, water, she knows how to swim too. As all young greyhounds, she LOVES to run! Tonight we took Lucy, Louie and her to Tangimoana beach. Lucy and Skye were having a mighty run in and out of water, up and down the beach :-) They only tired after about 30 minutes of running :-)

In the house, Skye is very well behaved, and has learned to sleep through the night and stay off the furniture. Toileting has always been great with Skye - no accidents at all. She still jumps on people (in excitement and looking for cuddles :-) so we are working on that now. As all greyhounds she loves to sleep for hours and hours and loves her soft beds :-) We hope she will find a great forever home - someone who can give her attention and exercise she needs.

Below: Skye with Louie :-)

Below: Skye in Ashurst domain

Skye and her labrador friend