Adopt a mongoose!

Friday, August 6, 2010
Lately we have been fostering all sorts of wildlife: first Nugget The Wallaby , and now, Sally The Mongoose :-)
Sally joined us a few days ago; she is masquerading as a retired racing greyhound, her racing name was 'Beach Street'. Here are some of her pictures:

Sally The Mongoose :-)
Hanging out below the clothesline with Frankie and Beryl

Sally getting a pat :-)
Sally is almost 4 years old (her birthday is on November 2nd), and she has just retired from successful racing career. She was given to GAP by the lovely Ben Craik.
Sally is a FUN dog, full of character, and very quirky :-) She jumps around , is fascinated by new things and wants to explore everything.
She is lovely in the house, listens to us and picks things up very fast , has already learned so many things and she never had an accident inside - we did not do any toilet-training per se; but then again, with our foster greyhounds we rarely do as they are incredibly clean dogs. She is not interested in our cat either.

Sally LOVES her bed and like any greyhound, sleeps for hours, on her back with her legs up in the air - but when the walkies time comes, it is all go!
Louie and Lucy love Sally, today her and Lucy were curled up together in the sunny spot in the conservatory. :-) She is very affectionate and could have cuddles for hours. She will make a lovely pet for someone, she will bond strongly to her new owner.
Aren't I pretty?
Sally with Louie :-)
With Frankie and Beryl :-)

Yesterday we visited Sue - Sally was fascinated by the outdoor thermometer in the shape of a frog! It was hilarious :-)
Update 08/08/2010:
Sally is the cutest! Louie and Lucy share their beds and doggie-couches with her (which does not happen often with foster dogs; greyhounds can be quite possesive of their beds). Sally would be perfect to live with other family dogs aswell -she is very polite and all dogs love her. She would be great as an only dog too.

Lucy and Sally sharing a doggie couch in the conservatory
And also sharing Lucy's bed!!!

Sally sunbathing on the doggie couch in the conservatory -isnt she the cutest? She has gathered the toys there for herself too :-)


Laura Kennedy said...

Aw how sweet, the dogs are gorgeous, as is Sally! I have a retired racer, called Heidi, her bed is her favourite place to be, as you can see in this photo: