Update from Grace (Lady Lianne)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Pretty Grace :-)
Donna from Wellington adopted little Grace (Lady Lianne) exactly a month ago, and today she sent me some gorgeous pictures and an update (Thanks a million Donna!).

Donna says:
Grace makes me very happy and is a joy to have. If I leave work in a grumpy mood there is no way I can stay like that once I get home! She makes me laugh so much :-) She gets called Amazing Grace, Princess Grace and sometimes DisGrace!
She's also a good watchdog and barks at strangers which is excellent as I am single and live down a long driveway.

As you can see, she loves her bed and it's beside the heater. Sometimes she huffs and puffs because she's got really hot but she won't move away.

Her favourite toy is the fluffy womble. She takes it into the middle of the lounge, throws it in the air, catches it and then launches herself into her bed again. She does that quite a few times, has a good gnaw on it then collapses into a heap, exhausted.

She's also a collector and puts everything in her bed for safekeeping...shoes, slippers, wallet, keys, pens, cellphone, knitting (luckily the only damage was dog slobber). I even have to keep my handbag on the couch because she will undo the domes on it and nick stuff out of it. At least I know where to look if anything goes missing. :-)

Grace tuckered out after demolishing a Flybuys catalogue!!!
She managed to snaffle a packet of chocolate muffins which had been put on the dining table. She'd eaten 4½ by the time I'd caught her. She looked dead pleased with herself! She's not interested in anything I'm eating but any unattended food is fair game and disappears quickly if she can get at it.

She loves her morning walks and now recognises the driveway and turns in without prompting.

Chloe, the Jack Russell from next door, sometimes scoots under the gate for a visit. They're still a bit wary of each other but I'm sure they'll end up being friends.:-)