Fab evening at Wanganui Greyhound Track

Friday, August 20, 2010
We just came back from Hatrick (Wanganui) greyhound track and we had a great time as  tonight was a special night:

- 'Swift Fantasy' was racing
- GAP kennel managers' Irene's and Sonja's young greyhounds Shawn (New Thing Now) and Stevie (No Spoken Word) were trialing there tonight -we were VERY excited about this! (to say the least :-)
Trials are done before greyhounds start their racing careers - dogs learn about the track and the way they should chase the lure. They also have to post a good time on trials in order to become racing dogs.
Pretty Shawn (New Thing Now)
Stevie and Shawn did great -we were all so proud of them! They are two gorgeous girls, which Sonja and Irene got as little pups and brought up, and have them trained for racing. Stevie, a blue girl, is also a show greyhound, and she recently got the 'Best Of Breed' in Wellington Dog Show. The brindle girl, Shawn, seems to be a true racer - she did fantastic tonight, she was so fast!
Here are some pictures (they are not the best as my camera does not have the best flash; I also could not get any pictures of girls running as all pictures turned out to be just one big blur :)

Irene and Shawn watching the lure
Irene and Shawn again
Greyhound trainer extraordinaire Ellie with Stevie
And at the official races, 'Swift Fantasy' won -again :-) Amazing race -she was at the very back again, and then towards the end, simply charged forward and won! :-)

The race has been on CloseUp, here is the video (warning: it is truly AMAZING):

Swift Fantasy (and check out Ellie on the left :-)))
And the real winner is ...Ellie!!!