Cleaning your cat's ears - by Bonnie (Iteru Kefa) in Auckland

Monday, August 30, 2010
Bonnie (Iteru Kefa) sent us some lovely photos and some very interesting insights on cats and their grooming.
Bonnie says:
Even though cats are constantly licking and grooming themselves, it is important to check your cat’s ears and clean them if you notice any dirt, wax or debris. Regular ear care at home will help reduce the likelihood of ear infections and excess waxy build up. To clean your cat's ears, use an ear cleaning solution provided by your vet. Or alternatively, adopt an ex-racing greyhound  :-)
I have been living with my cat Hootie since May this year, and I daresay his ears have NEVER been cleaner, due to my superb cleaning routine!
Below are some pictures of me grooming Hootie, and step-by-step instructions.
Love, Bonnie and Hootie The Cat
First, get the cat to lie down somewhere comfy, like your bed, or a couch or similar.
To start, wash the top of your cat's head
...then outside of an ear
And of course the inside. Don't worry if the ear turns inside out at this point - it happens
to me with Hootie all the time, but you have to make sure you clean every last spot
Repeat for the other ear and don't forget to wash the cat's face and nose at the end
After this -you deserve a break and a cuddle with your favourite human!
If you are lucky enough (and if your cat is as cool as my Hootie!) , your cat may return the favour! Hootie uses my method for cleaning my ears too: