Update from Sally (Beach Street)

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Angelic Sally :)
I just got an update and gorgeous pictures from Margaret and Peter  from Waikanae, who adopted Sally (Beach Street) just over 2 weeks ago.
Sally is a stunning looking brindle ex-racer, whom we have fostered before she went to her forever home. I have written about Sally's adventures with us on this blog here.

Margaret and Peter wrote:

Today (27 August) is Day 16! We collected Sally from Sonja and Irene after she had been fostered by Fatima for about 10 days. Having been exposed to the comforts of domestic life she didn’t have to start from
scratch here. No problems with things like glass doors or loud household noises e.g. vacuum cleaner, etc. And she bonded to her own day couch in short order but still tries our one out occasionally - we did have a tiny water pistol to discourage this but she crunched it up on the second day! :-)
A few days after she arrived we took her to Robyn's place at Otaki for a run with a couple of other hounds and she certainly showed her paces!
We wondered how Sally and our cat, Timmy, would interact. Well, no worries there! Initially heard a few yelps from Sally so Timmy is definitely in charge and has chased her down the hallway several times. Timmy is becoming more relaxed and we think he realises that she is here for keeps.
 (you can click on pictures for full size)
Sally, Margaret and Timmy The Cat
Sally, Pete and Timmy
We have just installed a dog door and Sally appears to be getting the hang of it. Her long back legs are a bit of a hassle!
Sally is becoming more confident around the home. This was especially apparent on day 15 when she pushed the boundaries all day (perhaps to see who really is the boss?) but we are awake to her wiles! Getting her to wait until released to eat her food is our biggest challenge at the moment. :-)
Sally delights us - she is indeed, a joy to have.
Bones are Beaut!!!!!

Yep, this will do me!