Update from Mouse (Sugar Mouse)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Mouse with Graeme
I just got an email from Mouse's new dad Graeme, who wrote:
It's about time we dropped a line to let you know how Mouse (Sugar Mouse) has settled into life in the big city. It's almost 3 weeks since she travelled up to Auckland from Sanson, and she was as quiet as a mouse all the way (7 hours).

She loved the fact that we had put an old duvet in the back of the car along with her brand new softsac, and she has since adopted this as her preferred sleeping partner. She ignored the softsac for the first week as we don't think she liked the way it moved around under her feet when she stood on it. A few well placed breathing slits in the material seems to have done the trick as it deflates as soon as she gets onto it and she seems much happier with it...it doubles as spare bed and transport bed for the back of the car (talk about spoiled :)
So, after a quiet start, Mouse seems to be finding her feet at our place. Her character is becoming evident and she's a happy little hound. She spins before dinner and races round afterwards, and is always happy to see us...although getting her out of bed for her evening pee is often a battle of wills.
Harry the cat has given her a wide berth since she investigated his tummy with an over-enthusiastic nose. She got a swipe across the nose and has learned a valuable lesson...we have noticed however that Harry and Mouse are able to share the kitchen space and we think that Harry was even considering a seat next to her on the bed earlier this evening.

She's doing well with the days on her own when we are at work, and has almost sussed out the dog door into the garage. We're trying it without the flap for the time being, and she can get out but is a little hesitant about coming back in. It's early days, but we think she'll crack it. We keep telling her that Kylee's greyhound Floyd managed it in one attempt, which has given her a bit of competition.
Mouse at the Animates "Greyhounds Galore" last week :-)
She met some new houndy pals at the Animates day in Mt Eden last weekend, and is hoping to be a regular attendee at future events. We were happily surprised at how folk reacted to her size...it would seem she's a little girl in comparison to most hounds, but is big in affection (and sleepiness). She loved meeting the new pals, but was a bit taken aback by a very enthusiastic terrier that got a little too 'up close and personal'.
Living near the beach is easy for her recently removed corn as she's able to walk on the soft sand without too much discomfort, and has even been off lead for a couple of runs too :-)
Censored photo! :-)