Update from Nugget (Pepper Law)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We just got an update from Nugget (as dictated to her new Mum Carla!). Nugget now lives with Carla, Ed and Peppa The Cat on lifestyle block just outside Hastings in Hawkes Bay.
 Thanks a million for gorgeous pictures Carla!

Nugget's diary, week 1:

Sunday: My new people picked me up from Sanson GAP Kennels today. Here I am saying goodbye to Irene:
Oh my, the cartrip was long & I got a little bored & almost upset, but these new people handled me well, settled me back onto the backseat, strapped my carseat back on & off we went. We stopped to stretch our legs at a place called "Danny work", but we didn't see Danny.... Anyway, we finally got to what the people call lifestyleblock outside the town where the "hay stings"?! I'm sure glad I don't eat hay, although I am giving the grass here a good go! I tried the couch out, but got told off by these people, so I don't think I'm allowed on it.

Stretching legs at Dannevirke
Monday: Oh dear. I had to sleep here. The lady woke me up at 6 am; we went for a walk. At 6:30 I had my breakfast. There's another furry thing here. She also got to have her breakfast, but I wasn't allowed to check what it was. I think the lady said the furrball's name is Peppa & she'd be very upset if I'd get too close. Here she is -observing me from a safe spot:

After breakfast I heard a car go off, and realised that the friendly man was not here! Wondered where he'd gone, but not for too long. At some stage during the day, I got off the lead & ran into the gate-thing at the end of the thing that the lady-mum says is NOT a racecourse. Ouch. She was very upset, bandaged me up (too much) & now I'm not allowed off the lead & my collar is fitting tightly.
Oh, I didn't see the gate... Lucky mum's a nurse. Although, I think she overdid it a little...
Tuesday: Um, cannot remember much. I think I slept alot & ate all the food in sight. Bandages came off & I'm fine. That evening my friendly man-dad took me for a walk. I had to think about it though. In the middle of the road. So, he picked me up & carried me home. Hie-hie! Gotcha. But the lady-mum was very upset. She told him not to do that (darn) & to keep me on a tight / short lead. Sigh...

Wednesday: Oh, we went in to town! We visited one of mum's friends & went for a walk in Anderson Park in Napier! There was lots of feathery things floating on the water. Fascinating! But mum said not to get close / into the water. Was a great walk, though. Then we went to where the Hay stings & visited dad at that place where he brings the bacon home from. I dazzled everyone there.
Anderson Park in Napier. There are lots of feathery things floating on the water. I think one was drowning, but mum wouldn't let me go save it...
Thursday: Just chillaxed at home. Dad's still building my run, so I sit with him on the verandah in the evenings. Peppa's helping him as well. I tried to get her to play, but she doesn't seem the playfull type. :-( We watched the races on TV, especially to see how well the Schofield dogs are doing.

Friday: This morning I played with mum & my toys. She was bushed she said! I enjoyed it. I feel very confident now & have been gathering a few things on my bed to make me feel more at home. Mum says her socks have grown feet, but I can't really see any feet on them ?? She phoned dad to tell him that his shoe also walks around by itself. Mum chatted with Irene and with Fatima on the phone. Now she seems a little different... I need to turn up the charm a little bit more I think...

I am very pretty!
Sunday: Mum & I joined the other very friendly human & very gorgeous canine Hawke's Bay GAP'ers for a coffee & run on the Clifton Beach!!!!!!!  It was great! I was a star, i  enjoyed it so much ! I think Mum is totally proud of me! Check out the pictures below:
Mum and me!
Jo, Izzy, Bobi, Hamish, Maxi & Me!