Update from Abby (Patricia Sherry)

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Pretty Abby :-)
Abby's new Mum Lynn just send me an update and some cute pictures :-)  Abby (Patricia Sherry) had quite a full professional life: she was a great racer who was retired due to a minor injury -but she did fabulous on that track, making over $10, 000 in only 23 starts! Before coming to GAP, she also raised 2 litters of puppies :-)

Lynn writes:
We have had Abby for 6 weeks now and thought I would send you an update. She is lovely, fitted in really well to our routine and our home in Porirua. She is a dream to take for a walk, never pulls, just trots beside us and adjusts her pace to whoever is holding the lead. She also never stops to go toilet on walks, which is a nice bonus.
She has two beds which she loves, we didn't realise how much, until our daughter came to stay for a few days with her young lab cross and Abby was very possessive of her beds, not letting the other dog come close to them. It was the first time we've had to tell her off!
With a friend
The only incident we had was on the first night, when after being outside to go toilet, she ran headfirst at the closed ranchslider with a huge crash and big yelp. She had never done it again! :)
Irene's initial assessment was correct she was a finicky eater and a whiner. In the beginning she would pick out all the bits of dog roll and leave the Nutrience behind. It was about 2 weeks of persistence and throwing away a lot of food, but she now eats all her Nutrience.
She is fine with our elderly cat who is still nervous on the floor ( those legs must seem very long) but seems fine if she is up higher on the furniture.
Eau De CAT!!!!
We are gradually seeing more of her personality, she is a wonderful addition to our family.


Sara said...

Hi! Found you through the Pet Blog Hop - always love more blogs about greyhounds :) Great photos, too!