Update on Wheaten (Scandinavian)

Sunday, February 6, 2011
With her Mum Ann :)
Gorgeous Wheaten (Scandinavian) was featured on this blog before, here.
She now lives with Ann and Craig in Auckland, who just sent us this update:

We are attaching some photos of our precious Wheaten “Weety” whose personality comes out more daily. She has enthralled the children of the neighbourhood and our Bed and Breakfast guests alike. Now when we visit cafes strangers invariably open conversations about folk they know who are thinking of getting greyhounds as pets … Wheaten is such a good ambassador that these people never fail to be impressed. She takes a while to get used to people and then her head suddenly appears on their laps much to their delight.
She eats homemade dog food in accordance with GAP booklet and her coat and whole demeanor have changed. She now has a collection of vintage necklaces to wear. Yesterday, she “acquired” a giant teddy bear at a garage sale.
By the way she is no trouble with our cats, one of whom likes to sit on a balustrade by Wheaten on our (gated) deck as I do the gardening. Both cats are very skittish but oddly the moment they met Wheaten they didn’t even think of running away.
We love her :)