Update from Cleo :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cute little Cleo lives in Lower Hutt with Anna and Dave, their 3 kids and two cats. I just got an update from her new family:

Our Cleo is beautifully behaved, and adores the kids, especially when they drop food on the floor. :)

She loves running along the Hutt river trail and is forever seeking out dogs to race with (show off to) and starts grinning and bouncing whenever she sees her lead. She loves the rugby field at the end of our street for a quick sprint as well and her best friend is a toy rabbit!
We love taking her out because we’re always getting stopped to talk about her. She is a dog to be proud of. Everyone she meets comments on her colour and nature and she gets swamped at school pick-up time. We’re loving having her as part of our family.