Update on Darcy (Quick Knock)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Darcy with his Mum and brother Kite :)
Handsome Darcy (Quick Knock) was adopted by Leigh and family in March. We just got an update and pictures :)
Leigh wrote:
Darcy isn’t a confident greyhound, in fact he’s shy, timid and a worrier. But he is getting much better and has bonded really well with me and Rob, and even our old cantankerous Shiba Inu Kite tolerates him.

Darcy loves his soft sac, sleeping by the heater, eating, and going for walks along the beach. He isn’t keen on seagulls or oyster catches, and would love to chase motorcycles given half the chance. :)

In the couple of months we’ve had him, he’s conquered stairs, floor to ceiling windows in the lounge, and the vacuum cleaner. He loves going out in the car, and enjoys his free gallops at the park around the corner. We had a few issues with toileting, but a gate at the bottom of the stairs stops him going upstairs to pee or investigate the cat’s food and rubbish bin, and now he’s 100% clean inside the house.
Sonja and Irene have been great support, and have helped me specifically be more confident with him and to show him who is boss, and in the last couple of weeks things have improved in leaps and bounds.
We’ve attended one GAP event at Robyn’s at Otaki and we’re looking forward to more outings where he can learn that not everyone is out to get him. :)
Rob works from home and Darcy enjoys spending the day at work with ‘Dad’. This usually entails sleeping either in his bed or next to the heater. What a life! But he’s always keen for a walk, not so much when the weather is awful, but he gets his water proof coat put on and into the southerly gale we go!
We really enjoy him, and can’t imagine life without Darcy!


Anonymous said...

Kite, the shiba is horrifed to think he's been referred to as a girl! He'd like it on record, that's he's all BOY!!

Fatima said...

OMG! I will change that now!! :) our sincere apologies to Kite! :)