Priceless (Fancy Freda) and Blondie (Fancy Kate) update

Monday, July 18, 2011
Two gorgeous girls :)
Rebecca, Freda's and Blondie's Mum, sent me an update and some  photos of her two pretty girls :) I have written about these two before, right after Blondie joined their family (link is here. )
Rebecca wrote:

We’ve now had Priceless nearly six months and Blondie nearly three but it feels like they have always been with us.
We took the girls to stay with our friends Clare and Matt ( and their greyhounds Jerry and Zing) a few weeks ago, calling in at Sanson to say hello to Sonja and Irene. Went for a run at the beach and then took all the hounds to the dog park at Mana the next day. Blondie was completely embarrassing and climbed into bed with Matt in the morning; she has no fear of anything and is lucky she is so cute that she gets away with it!

In the same car, on the way to Mana dog park – Clare took the above pic – too cute!!
Priceless and Blondie at the front and Zing and Jez in the rear.
We all took part in a sausage sizzle fundraiser at Carterton New World. Priceless was much more confident with strangers, actually going to them for pats and was happy to hang out with Sally (the Wairarapa Coordinator) for a time which was great to see.
Sally and Christine with Priceless, Gypsy and Rosie
Blondie focused on winning people over with a “sit for sausage” tactic, that worked a treat and she definitely left with some fans. She was also very well behaved, she is quite an exuberant greyhound and I had visions of her stealing sausages from unsuspecting children! But she exceeded my expectations with her behaviour and hung out with Bronwyn for most of the time while dad (Tristan) was cooking sausages and I was rattling the tin for donations.
Blondie making friends while being looked after by Bronwyn
Blondie and Priceless now appear to be firm friends; Priceless is the boss (I think) and often looks like she’s rolling her eyes at Blondie’s antics.
Blondie has stopped stealing things (clothes and shoes) and is settling into the pet malarkey very well, she’s also got Priceless into playing with squeaky toys. Something she wasn’t into before Blondie joined our pack.
Playing with the squeaky duck
Some of the boundaries we set when we got Priceless have lapsed, being allowed on the couch and in our bedroom to name a couple. But they are not allowed in the kitchen and respect this well. I snapped the below pic while Tristan was making their dinner, the boundary is where the carpet meets the tiles and they wedge their paws against the tiles and peer in to see what’s going on!

We went to visit Bronwyn, her greyhound Speedy and family for a run around and Speedy’s birthday a couple of weeks ago which was great fun, the hounds bounded around and celebrated with cheerio’s, while the people had coffee and sausage rolls. Speedy and Blondie are going to obedience classes soon which will be fun! I have come to the conclusion, and I am not alone, that greyhounds are collectible. I want more, unfortunately we don’t have the room for anymore at the moment, but give me time!!