Update from our foster girl Lilly !

Monday, July 11, 2011
Lucy, Lilly and Phoebe with their Mum Jane
A while ago, I have written about our very special foster girl Lilly, who is a displaced Christchurch greyhound (link is here).
Lilly has in the meantime found a lovely new home, with Jane and Ian in Carterton. I just got a lovely email and pictures from her Mum Jane:

Well, we have had Lilly now for three weeks and she has settled in brilliantly (although it did take a few days, as was to be expected as she had quite a few moves and changes to adjust to in the last few months). She gets on really well with our other greyhound, 8 year old  Phoebe, and our little Maltese/Jack Russell cross terrier Lucy who we have had from a puppy and is now 5 years old.
Even though Lilly is 9 years old she is very young at heart and loves nothing more than playing with her cuddly fluffy squeaky ball in the house, of which we have two, and there is always a race between Lilly and Lucy to see who can get to it first!! As I work from home Lilly likes to spend most of her day on her bed in the office, she is a great companion.

Lilly and Phoebe
We have seven acres so she has plenty of space to run around and she is surprisingly energetic for her age. She is just a lovely dog and is a perfect addition to the family. We are just so pleased we were able to offer her a forever home after the very sad circumstances of losing her home and being separated from her owners which must have been heartbreaking for them. I hope it will be some consolation to them that she has found a new and loving home with us here in the Wairarapa.