Update from Kareem (now Floyd)

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Cute Kareem was fostered by Jacqui, Jolie and family, before going to live with Jody and Colin, their two children and the whole managerie of other animals: chihuahuas, cats, goats, pet pig, chickens and some rats :)
Kareem is now called Floyd and he is enjoying his new life in Hamilton :) Jody just sent us the cutest picture of Floyd with his new friends - check it out (you can click on the photo to see a full size):

In the photo we have Fergus and his cat "Mongoose", Mikayla and her goat "Billy", Bayden and his dog "Stanley", Jody and another goat "Gruff" "Spring & Rory" more dogs, Colin and "Floyd" the greyhound, Caleb and his dog "Topaz" and in front "Buddy" the pig and 2 chickens.
Missing from the photo is 4 more chickens, 2 more pigs, 1 rat, 3 more cats and 5 more chihuahua's.