Update from Lola (Sydenham Pretty)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We just got an update from gorgeous Lola (Sydenham Pretty) who now lives in Auckland. Her new Mum Jayne wrote:
Lola has found her niche and is just like any other member of our family. She is always around when there is food, leaves her toys scattered for someone to trip over or pick up and spends half the day lounging on her bed...what a life. :)

Lola was quiet for the first few weeks, more of her personality emerged as she gained confidence in her new surroundings. She has a selection of old soft toys from my girls to play with, she loves their fluffy animal slippers so unless there are feet in them Lola adds the slippers to her collection. My youngest daughter had to go to school and report that the dog had eaten her homework, her cooking assignment was left within reach...it was just too tempting. Lola is inquisitive and likes to know what is going on, she uses stealth mode around the house to her advantage, she keeps us amused with her antics. It is nice to be welcomed by her happy dance and we have learnt to steer clear of that whippy tail. We enjoy her gentle nature and lots of cuddles, she has made a huge difference to our lives in the short time she has been with us.
Lola attracts interest, in her bright red coat, when we are out walking and loves the attention she gets...always the showgirl!