Update on Bonnie (Skidaddle)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We just got an update and some cute pictures from Bonnie's new Mum Rosey, who wrote:

We were soo excited to get Bonnie (nee Opal), we could hardly contain our excitement, it seemed like I had been checking the website forever and seeing all the wonderful doggies up for adoption and wondering which
one will be ours. But when the timing was right we went on a 'road trip' ... just to the park... ok so the park happened to be a few hours away from home but the kids had no idea till we pulled up the drive and then the squealing commenced!
And of course we had to stop a couple of times on our way home to show her off... even popping into New World Waikanae to show Robyn ! Many pats were given by passers by!
The first few days were interesting: a big learning curve for us, and I'm sure Bonnie rolled her eyes at us many times!, as she patiently waited for us to get up to speed with having such a wonderful creature in the family!
Firstly we had to ignore her somewhat so she could concentrate on settling into her new surroundings......oh yeah that sounds easy enough... but not so easily put into practice... especially for 8yr old little girls!

We worked through the "do you think she needs to go to the toilet?" (as she snored in her bed...) note to self even snoring doggy needs to go to the toilet other wise we have puddle to mop up in morning!

She is so cute when she plays with her toys, throwing them up in the air and catching them again and running around the house and yard with them just like a puppy... not so cute when its the kids favourite teddy or my
laptop cable, but we are learning to be much tidier (ahh well its a work in progress!)

And its loads of fun seeing her try to catch her tail, and run laps around the yard, with now a well worked in track left in her wake!

And lastly getting our lazy butts moving in the evening for our end of the day walk, who would've known how much fun it is to go walking at night even in the rain... its so quiet and lovely...and quiet doesn’t happen often in a house full of kids!
She is so lovely and we are so lucky :o)