Update from Harley (Black Timpani)

Sunday, July 10, 2011
Harley with Julie's daughter Nathalie
Julie just emailed us with an update on her handsome boy Harley (Black Timpani):

I have had Harley for about 6 weeks now and he is big and black and just adorable. The first 2 days he was very shy and hardly ate, but he got over that pretty fast. He took immediately to his designer bed
 and has become good friends with my daughter's old Collie Cross Manix, who is in doggie day care at my place. Manix only understands French commands as he comes from New Caledonia, so Harley has become the only bilingual greyhound in New Zealand! I have never heard Harley bark, so I don't know if he does that with a French accent yet. :)
He loves his walks , but stops every few minutes to admire the landscape and looks a lot over his shoulder. He hates walking uphill and is basically pretty lazy. At times he is taken to the doggie beach in Lyall Bay, where he immediately sprints off, even into the sea! Everyone stops me when I walk him and asks me lots of details about him. I think they all now want a greyhound!

Lately Harley has been a bit silly: I make and collect dolls and he has managed to destroy each doll with the slightest trace of fur or feathers on it, probably thinking they are birds or rabbits.

All dolls can no longer be reached by him now! They have to be pretty high up as Harley can snatch things from the middle of a table without reaching: he is VERY tall!
It is impossible to get cross at Harley though! :)


Sally (and George) said...

Lovely to see that Harley and Manix are friends - I'm so pleased for Julie! Another convert to the big black greyhound fanclub ;-)