A few cute photos from little Star (Know Wonder)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Star (Know Wonder) is currently in foster care in Christchurch. Her foster parents have just sent us a few pictures and wrote:
Star has has settled into our house very easily :). She is very pretty, petite and playful and gets on really well with our hound Ben. Her coat is super soft and jet black with a white chest and four white paws. She has amazing perky ears which shoot up whenever she finds something interesting.  
Star is a very ladylike eater - never rushing a meal or making a mess! :)

Star is also ultra laid back greyhound and even the aftershocks yesterday didn't worry her at all! 
She loves the children and will rest her head on their knees hoping for a cuddle.  :)

Smiling :)

In the snow flurry this morning :)
Ashley Bradshaw, a very successful young Canterbury greyhound trainer, used to work with Star and her littermates while at  Gary Cleeve kennels. She sent me some BEAUTIFUL pictures of Star as  a puppy! :) Check them out:
Star, the only black puppy in the litter. The fawn puppy on the far left is
 Sky (Know Option), retired and rehomed by GAP last year :)
Cute Star :)
Star with her Mum 'Casual Wave'
Little Star :)
With her littermates, as a young doggie :)


Anonymous said...

Star has been with us now since June/July 2012. She has settled into life with Mason (Mr Fonterra) rather well. Why shy and timid around the much larger Mason, Star has FINALLY started to play even when Mason is around, as up till now she would stop when ever he came around and got excited as he does.
Star still is a licker, but is enjoying life with all the benefits and affection that comes from being a much loved pet.
Now if ONLY we could get her to stop being such a fussy eater!! (they both are!)