Pictures of beautiful Cam (Thrilling Cam)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beautiful 6yr old girl Cam (Thrilling Cam) has been in GAP for a while...And we so want her to find her  forever home. Yes, she is black, and she is 6 yrs old, but she is also precious, gorgeous , fit and healthy, and has so much love to give.
I know Cam's trainers too -they loved her and were very sad when her retirement day came; they told me Cam was a special dog -that she had a heart a mile wide :)

Sonja took some pictures of Cam today - have a look...and if you are looking for a very gorgeous, social, fun, loving doggie, please do consider Cam :)

Cam is very dog-social; here she is with Gibson The Poodle :)


gyeong said...

What a beautiful girl. Hope she finds a home soon.

Sally Lees said...

Beautiful photo of Cam - it would be nice to see this one on the GAP website.

Mo Irvine said...

She is adorable...

Kylie said...

Awwwww... My beautiful girl.:-(

I am the daughter of the owners that raced her and gave her into gap.

And yes, she does have a loving nature!We had had her in our kennels for quite a while and my sister and I loved her to bits!when we first got her I called her mine so when we had to let her go it was pretty hard:-(