Meet Tommy (Go To Crow)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I meet cute Tommy (Go To Crow) a couple of days ago in GAP Sanson kennels and took a few pictures for the blog.
As soon as he was let out of his kennel -Tommy was VERY excited! He ran to the carpark, towards the GAP van and my big car at full speed, jumping up in the air - this obsession with vans and big cars is quite common in racing greyhounds. When they see a car that size, they think that they might be going to the races -and many of them try anything to get themselves INTO the promissing-looking car :)
Here is Tommy approximately one millisecond after he spotted the GAP van:

That van is looking very promissing -wohoo!!! Off to the races we go!
Awesome! There is Angel (Lyndour Gem) already in, now if I could just get myself inside too...
Ok, the van pens were not opened. BUT I found the next best thing: Fatima's huge car!
The back was open so here we go!
I am READY! Lets go!
Come on?! Oh God. Everybody seems to be sitting down and drinking coffee?!
Let me check on Angel...Good, she is still there...
Ok, now, this is getting ridiculous...
Oh well...this bed is comfy....I guess I will have a bit of a sleep while I am waiting...:)
Tommy and myself are off on the roadtrip to Wellington today: he is going to be fostered by Mila (Bronze For Macos) and her parents. Watch this space for updates from the cute boy :)


Rach x said...

Awesome photos!! Tommy has only been with us for two days but already he is settling in really well - he is even teaching Mila a thing or two about how to be a calm and patient hound!! I was just having a look at his race records and I see that it is Tommy's 4th birthday tomorrow!! Hopefully this weather clears up so that we can go on an extra long walk to celebrate :)

jenquest13x said...

What a cute boy! I love how you mentioned his excitement around cars - Ernesto is OBSESSED with going in our car. It is literally THE BEST thing. If we're feeling a bit mean, we'll ask him if he wants to go in the car (he's cottoned on to the trick now - if Mum and Dad aren't holding car keys and making a move, then it's all a ruse), and he thinks it's Christmas. Greyhounds are awesome!