Update from Carlos (Captain Carlos)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Handsome Carlos (Captain Carlos) recently went to live with Chris and Terry in Palmerston North, and they just sent us this update:

We picked up Carlos from the kennel in Sanson two weeks ago and we have been enjoying him ever since. He has settled in very well and enjoys walks on the lead, romps in the park and snoozes in the corner of the lounge and anywhere else he finds comfortable. He has learned the out-of-bounds areas in the house and garden very quickly and has had very little trouble adapting to his new surroundings. He had an upset tummy for a few days after he joined us, but that soon passed.

We have had dogs in the past, but Carlos is our first greyhound. We have found all the hype is well founded; he is everything we were told greyhounds could be! 
Over the last few days we have started to take him a bit further afield on his walks and have found a place where we can safely let him off the lead for a sniff around and a bit of a sprint. He is lovely to watch!
  He has discovered the fun of playing in the stream, after the initial surprise! We have taken him on one GAP walk where he enjoyed the company of other greyhounds and it was good to meet other people who know the breed well and could give us tips and hints about keeping him happy and healthy.