Meet precious Rosie (Wheelchair Brat)

Friday, May 11, 2012

I met little Rosie (Wheelchair Brat) recently at the GAP kennels (well, actually, at the GAP reception, where she hangs out :) and she is just the cutest!
She is 12 years old, but very fit and healthy for her age, not to mention very cuddly and playful :) She loves her toys and often tosses them around the GAP reception!
She is a little princess too, who loves finer things in life and loads of cuddles.
Rosie is ready for her new home and has a foster home lined up in Waikato. As I always say - dont overlook the oldies, they are just precious and very special - and needless to say, they have loads of love to give!
Waikato sounds nice....:)