Update from Wally (Boatswain Wally)

Monday, May 28, 2012
Just over a month ago, handsome Wally (Boatswain Wally) went to live with Alice in Wellington.
Alice sent us this update:
Wally has settled into home life amazingly well and is such a georgeous boy and a big cuddle monster. We did have a few inital hiccups such as the stairs in the house which were absolutely terrifying and after a few weeks (and some gentle coaxing) he now takes the stairs like a champ and it's as if he always knew how to use them! He was also pretty scared of his nice new bed but after some time and tips from Robyn, now loves nothing better but to curl up on it in the sunshine and snooze.
He's adjusted to Wellington life really well and hops around like a little puppy when he's about to go out on his walks and absolutely loves his weekend walks with the other Wellington greyhounds as well as the GAP organised runs. He's such a gentle, big hearted boy that will go up to anyone and say hello and hope for some cuddles in return. Many people in the neighbourhood have commented on what a handsome boy he is. We've enrolled into dog school (possibly more for me than for him!) where we're working on getting better at recalls and lying down on command but he already has  bowing on command sorted and he's very proud of it too! :)

Look out for our wee interview in the next issue of Fast Friends!