Update from Coco (Kapai Karena)

Saturday, May 12, 2012
Coco and her boys :)
Gorgeous little brindle girl Coco (Kapai Karena) went to live with Keita and Andrew in Manawatu at the beginning of April this year, and Keita just sent us this update:

Coco has settled in nicely to our noisy/busy household : most days she has a very full day - usually up at the crack of dawn , helping my husband  prepare for milking the cows , then back to bed to wait on the rest of us to rise and shine. :)

After breaky she's off to see what our tribe of cats are up to -  usually a few games of cat and mouse (or should I say cat and dog !!! )with our youngest cat George (they will be the best of friends one day :))).
Then it is rest time before being bustled into the car to help me take the boys to school, then back home for our morning walk ( well, actually, a morning run!). Gee our girl can fly across the paddocks!

Then we are maybe off into town to the shops or off to the farm to help get those cows in line - a dog's work is never done! :)

After this we head home after picking the boys up from school, time for dinner and to get those PJ's on before she tucks up in front of the fire. It's early days and we are still learning to live together but I know she knows now that this is her home and will be forever. Thanks again for bringing Coco into our life!