Cute doggies up for adoption : Curly, Vulcan, Ellie and Trip :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012
Karen (one of our volunteers) took pictures of new doggies up for adoption (thanks a million Karen!):

Curly (Karla Lewinsky) is the cutest blue playful girl. She loves children and is very dog social, as well as suitable for homes with cats:
Hello :)

Cute Curly :)
Trip (Triplem Hand) is a happy handsome boy:
Smiley Trip :)
Vulcan (Sunset Spock) is a blue brindle handsome and playful doggie. He is also a littermate of GAP greyhounds Shiloh (New Thing Now), Stevie (No Spoken Word) and Sasha (unraced):

And finally, Ellie ( Stabile Eyes) is another cute blue girl: