First dive of summer November 12, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010
Rosie's (Flyby Rose Maree) Dad Ray went diving last night, and Rosie sent us some pictures.
Check them out:

The coast last night -so beautiful

Rosie catches her first sight of her Dad Ray in a wet suit and doesn't know
 what to think of this strange creature before her!

Ray managing to enter the water without canine assistance

Hang on Dad! I'm coming!

Don't jump - I'm stuck on a rock but help is on it's way!

Where did he go?

He's out there somewhere ... I'm not sure about the rules of this game...

What is that strange thing emerging from the seaweed?
Should I attack or just wait and see what happens?

OMG - it's getting closer. What do I do?

Whew! It was only Dad. I can go back to sleep now! Danger over!