Gorgeous Yummy Mummy and her son up for adoption!

Monday, November 8, 2010
I just thought to share some pictures and videos of a gorgeous pair up for adoption: Dotty (Tent Top) and her son Sam (In Tent).
 I met Dotty the other day and she is THE CUTEST! Sonja calls her 'Yummy Mummy' and it is so true: Dotty is blonde, good looking, very outgoing and smart, she has had babies, and also a very impressive racing career! She is also the biggest female greyhound that GAP has ever had: she is 36.5kg!! Same as my Louie, who is considered to be a big male! :)

Check out Dotty's video below (taken last week):

 Also, her son Sam (In Tent) is currently in GAP kennels and ready for adoption too!

Check out handsome Sam:
Dotty's handsome son Sam (In Tent)
Sam's video (watch his tail -it has a life of its own! ):

Also, Dotty's daughter Rosie (Flyby Rose Maree) and her sister Amber (Maxine's Beauty) are both already retired, adopted via GAP. Like Dotty and Sam, they were given to GAP by the lovely Maxine Lozell and her husband Mike (so you can see where Amber's racing name comes from ! :)

Amber  lives in Tauranga with Lianne, Ash, and her greyhound mate Ben (Central Raider). They sent me this cute photo of Amber and Ben:

Ben and Amber, who were both too eager to put their rain coats on,
 ended up in the same one! :)
Dotty's daughter (and Sam's sister) Rosie (Flyby Rose Maree) lives in Wellington with Linda and Ray. She looks so much like Sam, see her picture below: