Just Married!

Sunday, November 14, 2010
This weekend, Aucklander Donnie (Just the Don) drove down to Sanson kennels with his Dad Alistair. This was a very special trip! Donnie came in search of a wife!
Donnie is 9 years old and has been a pet for over 4 years. Until recently, he shared his home with another greyhound, Gus, who has sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge as a result of old age.
Donnie, while grieving for his dear friend, also felt that Gus's passing had shown him it was time to "seize the day". He was ready to get married - the only thing he needed was a bride!
During his weekend stay in Sanson, Donnie made friends with the resident foxy Pippy, who sat him down and was able to give him the female point of view and lots of valuable advice.

Pippy and Donnie
After a number of dates in a process that Donnie likened to The Bachelor, he found that there was one lady whom he just couldn't get out of his heart. Donnie realized that Flash (Flashfire Coal) was 'The One' for him! His Dad Alistair approved too!
Do look at the pictures of the gorgeous bride:

Donnie and Flash
Alistair with Flash (who is wearing a wedding veil!)

Flash trying on a tiara